Production Machine Developers.
Precision tooling and press dies.

Rollforming machinery.
Precision Tools and Press Dies.
Cold room panel laminating machinery.
Metal door frames, roadside crash barriers.





Uncoiler (powered and unpowered)

Drop Stack Tables

Mandrils for un-coilers



Run Out Tables

Crimp Curver


Punching Tables

Manufacturing Dies for brackets for all rollform machinery


Precision tools manufacturer.
Press dies manufacturer.

Able Engineering has for many years been engaged in the design and manufacture of precision tooling and dies for presswork, for example, the manufacture of metal roofing tiles. We have these Dies working in Africa and Indonesia.


Design and manufacture of precision tooling.
Design and manufacture of press dies.

Able has its own press shop facility to enable the provision of completed components as well as tooling.

Coil Stands example specifications

  • From 500 kg to 15 tonne
  • They can come equipped with a manual or hydraulic expanding mandrill
  • They can be un-powered or powered as required
  • There is a choice of hydraulic or electric drive and electric loop control
  • Coil cars can be supplied if required

Manual or hydraulic expanding mandrills.

Able Engineering has developed and expanded world technology in the field of Precision Tooling and Press Dies and this has allowed us to compete in Europe, Asia and the America's.

Quality control on all Able Engineering products assures that all parts meet exacting engineering specifications.

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